Empowering Medicine

with real-time intelligence and insight into the interaction between patients and their medication.

    • Upwards of 30% of patients with common chronic conditions do not take medication as prescribed.
    • Poor medication adherence is a leading cause of avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions.
    • eTect's ID-Cap platform empowers medicine to report when it has been ingested by the patient.
    • eTect's ID-Cap platform enhances clinical research
      • Improved quality of study data
      • Better understanding of patient reactions
      • More efficient, less expensive clinical studies
      • Reach informed decisions more quickly
    • Definitive real-time knowledge of when and if patients are taking study medications.
    • Total pharmacy benefits grew about 2% in 2012; specialty pharmacy benefits grew nearly 20% in the same period.
    • Specialty pharmacy spend is expected to be half of all pharmacy spend by 2018.
    • eTect's ID-Cap platform provides real-time information to manage utilization of these high-cost, high-consequence specialty drugs
      • Detect and manage over or under adherence
      • Gain insight into each patient's reaction and side effects
      • Focus patient outreach from care management teams - intervene only when needed

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ID-Cap is a powerful platform for in-body communications.


    • Patient Friendly - the ID-Cap is a standard gelatin or HPMC capsule with an embedded ingestible wireless sensor that holds the patient's medication.  All the patient does is take their medicine - no extra pill to take.  It looks, tastes, and feels just like an ordinary capsule.
    • Medication Friendly - the capsule dissolves just like a normal capsule and does not interact with the medication.
    • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Friendly - ID-Caps are the same size as standard capsules so they can be filled in standard capsule filling systems. High-volume automatic filling systems for pharmaceutical manufacturers to make millions of doses or low-volume manual filling systems for pharmacists to use ID-Caps for a single prescription.
    • Reads Every Dose - Full two-way communications between the ID-Cap and the Hub ensure every dose is detected.  The ID-Cap communications technology has demonstrated extremely high reliability in multiple clinical studies.
    • "Self" Powered - the ID-Cap sensor is powered by the patient's own body.
    • Leaves No Trace - After the capsule dissolves, the ultra thin, flexible sensor is naturally eliminated through the patient's GI tract.

    ID-Caps and tag




    • Patient Friendly - does not require any patient configuration or manipulation. Simply put it on and go.
    • Flexible - the core electronics module of the Hub is wearable in multiple form factors to fit the patient's preference.
    • Always Connected - integrates in-body, personal area, and cellular communications.  Eliminates the need to use  the patient's mobile phone to collect data.

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    • Always Up to Date - Real-time patient information provides the most current data
    • Versatile - a conduit for collecting patient data from other on-body sensors
    • Understand Patients Better - integrate data collected by the ID-Cap platform with EMR/EHR, pharmacy records, claims records, public and commercial data to get a complete picture of patient behavior.

    ID-Cap Platform 


ID-Cap is currently only available for use in IRB approved clinical research. 


Our Vision

We envision an era of personalized, connected healthcare; of mobile patients with digital medicine and health devices interconnected in a seamless ecosystem providing a continuous flow of digital health information managed by the patient, leading to better outcomes, lower costs, improved quality of care, and greater quality of life.

Our Mission

eTect strives to be the premier in vivo communications company in the world. To create excellent products that provide unmatched value and benefit to our customers; create significant value for our employees and shareholders; and continually push the limits of technology.  We will always have respect for our employees, our community, and our environment and foster a healthy balance of life for all of our stakeholders through innovation, teamwork, persistence, and fun.

Our Team


Louis H. Oberndorf, Chairman

Louis H. Oberndorf founded Medical Education Technologies, the first company to deliver high-fidelity patient simulation to healthcare education. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Marketing and Senior Vice President of Business Development for Loral Corporation. He has served on the advisory boards of the Harvard Center of Medical Education and the Boston Simulation Center. In 2007, he was recognized with the U.S. Army Commander’s Award for Public Service for his contribution to helping to save lives in combat and civilian arenas. Mr. Oberndorf received an MBA in Management from the University of Utah and completed the University of Michigan Senior Management Executive Program. He was presented with S. Clark Butler Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the University of Florida in 2013.



Neil R. Euliano II, Ph.D., Founder, CEO

Dr. Euliano holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida. He is the founder and President of Convergent Engineering Inc., a Biomedical Engineering firm in Gainesville Florida and a Courtesy Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Florida. Dr. Euliano was the Vice President of Research and Development at NeuroDimension, Inc. He has been published over seventy times, currently holds twenty-five issued patents, and has been the principal investigator on over $8 million of research funding from NIH, NSF, and industry.  



D. Eric Buffkin Jr., President, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Buffkin is an entrepreneur and executive with over 20 years of experience in the networking and communications integrated circuits market. He is the founder of Pelagic Group, a consultancy focused on new technology companies. He has also founded or co-founded ventures that span many facets of the wireless semiconductor and communications industry. Mr. Buffkin served as Vice President, Business Development, Sales, and Marketing with Intellon Corporation, the worldwide leader in power line communications. Mr. Buffkin holds a BSEE from the University of Florida and an MBA from Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.


Kimberly A. Ramsey, Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Ramsey has 20 years of progressive corporate finance experience of public and private companies with responsibilities for accounting, finance, information technology, risk management, investor relations, IPO, acquisitions and mergers.  Most recently, she served as a senior-level financial consultant to Fortune 500 companies in North Florida.  She brings 20 years of experience in the medical device, biotechnology and high tech industries. In addition, Ms. Ramsey has significant experience at the executive level with companies in the start-up through IPO phase.  Ms. Ramsey received a bachelor’s of science in accounting from the Fisher School of Accounting at the University of Florida.



Dorothy is one of 51 percent of people who take more than five prescription drugs everyday. She is 83 and  lives alone. She sees four specialists but visits only one pharmacy for all her prescriptions. Her daughter, Emily, lives 200 miles away and is worried about her well- being. It is important for Emily to know that Dorothy is taking all her medications in time.

For Dorothy and Emily, ID-Cap system will provide an easy solution. ID-Cap will verify ingestion of medicine in real time and will send a signal to Dorothy through the hub. The adherence verification will also be available to Emily in real time through the mobile data network. The ID-Cap system will enable Dorothy's physicians to access the complete information on her medications, thereby, lowering the chance of medication errors. Her pharmacist will be able to pull up her medication and adherence records and make sure that the medicines are not being misused. Improved medication adherence will mean better treatment outcomes for Dorothy, peace of mind for Emily, and optimal use of time for her physicians and pharmacists.

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A 24 year old mechanical engineer, Jasmine, recently received a kidney transplant.  Her post-operative care includes immunosuppressants which must be taken everyday, in the exact amounts as prescribed  Even the slightest change from the medication regimen can trigger organ rejection. While the need for medications will eventually decrease, Jasmine will still be on atleast one immunosuppressant for her lifetime. 

Jasmine's pharmacist calls her on a regular basis to check on her health and medications. He recently told her about the ID-Cap system and how it would help him track her medication behavior in real time. Access to adherence information through this customer centric technology would make him more competent in his job. He would have the ability to intervene in real time, thereby helping patients improve their medication adherence. Improved adherence would lead to better treatment outcomes, which in turn, would lower the chance of hospital re-admission.

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Deonte is an active 6th grader who enjoys football and beating his older brothers in Madden NFL. His life recently changed when he was diagnosed with epilepsy. This means  Deonte and his family will likely spend the next 2-5 years working with their doctors to determine the treatment or combination of treatments to best control his condition.

Drug companies are creating exciting new agents to treat central nervous system disorders and diseases like epilepsy. ID-Cap will allow drug developers to collect and coordinate much more and far better data about their patients in less time.  This translates to better understanding of drug profiles, shorter and less expensive drug development, and ultimately, more effective and safer treatment options for patients like Deonte.

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55 years old Mike has a family history of cardiovascular disease and was diagnosed with chronic hypertension about a year ago. He has been on four different prescriptions in the last one year but none of them have had desirable results. His physician is not sure why the medications are not working for him and wants to investigate the reason behind it. She suspects that Mike is not taking all his doses as prescribed because of which the medications are not being effective.

Mike's physician has decided to get real time verifiable data on his medication behavior. She has prescribed him a new drug with the ID-Cap system. In case, Mike misses a dose, she can intervene and help him get more adherent with the medication. This time, if the medicines do not work, she will be be able to assess the drug's performance timely and objectively.

Go to Dorothy, Jasmine, or Deonte.


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Welcome aboard Chris!

Welcome aboard Chris!

We are thrilled to announce that Chris Carnes, Ph.D., is joining the eTect team as the Chief Information Officer.  Chris will be responsible for advancing eTect’s information system strategy and architecture and will also be leading the company’s efforts in connecting patients to the digital health ecosystem. Chris has more than twenty years of experience(…)

Convergence of mHealth, telehealth, and social media for a new healthcare delivery model

Convergence of mHealth, telehealth, and social media for a new healthcare delivery model

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